How good internet speeds can make your Wintix work better

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2021)

After returning to the box office after months of working from home, some users reported¬† Wintix issues they didn’t have when working remotely.

Home internet speeds are sometimes faster than speeds at work. However, you also need to consider the reliability of your internet. Consumer internet is provided as “we’ll do our best” to keep it going. Generally, business grade internet has Service Level Agreements (SLA) that provide a more robust service. Business internet is more expensive, but it’s also more reliable.

Having high download speeds are recommended for Wintix, but the upload speed is also very important. Twenty-five mbps up and down is sufficient.

If you are a managing director choosing an internet provider, you may look at the different speed options and think of buying slower ones because they are cheaper and you don’t want to tempt people to watch videos at work.

However, the technology that streams video without interruption is also the tool that makes cloud based software (like Wintix and Webtix) work smoothly.

Cloud based software continuously sends and receives information from a remote server. All your information travels back and forth in the blink of an eye.

The simplest way to understand internet speed is to think of a pipe. The bigger the pipe, the more water can move through it.

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