Give selected people a presale link to buy tickets before anyone else

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2022)

Send a presale link to patrons to buy a show before it is available online – or if you don’t want anyone else to buy tickets online for that show.

Set up your show as you normally would for your organization. This will work for both Reserved and General Admission shows.

  • Go to Edit a show | Internet Options tab.
  • Click on Domains.
  • Click the Add a new domain button.

  • Add your presale domain and check the price categories you want available to the people that will receive the link.
  • Set the performances in that domain to go on sale for the select people.
  • Set the Performances to go on sale at 0.00 hours and check the Before the on sales setting radio button.
  • If you want the show to be available online to the general public at a future date, click the Add new domain¬† button.
  • Input INTERNET as your domain and choose the After on sale setting radio button for your intended on sale date for the general public.
  • NOTE: If you do not want the show available online to the general public DO NOT add the INTERNET domain and only add your presale domain.
  • Now to get the link go to your Webtix Admin site. To get there simply go to your events page in Webtix. In the URL, add /admin.php to the end of the string.
    • For example becomes
  • If you need help with getting to this link please call Center Stage or email
  • Use your Wintix credentials to log in to the Admin Page.

  • In the side bar, go to Shows | Show utilities | Website quick links for shows.

  • You will now see a list of all your shows and the domains associated with those shows.
  • Find your show and your presale domain. Then click on link code.

  • There are three links displayed.
  • Copy and paste the Sample show link.¬† This is the link you will send to your selected pre-sale group. It will take them to the Webtix page to buy the pre-sale tickets.
  • Give the two HTML codes to your website designer to use on your website.

NOTE: If someone is a member of a fan club group, none of those benefits apply when using a presale link. It’s kind of like not getting the new sale price on clearance items.

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