Discounts in Wintix/Webtix 6

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2021)

There are several kinds of discounts you can offer in Wintix 6:

  • A percentage discount
  • A per ticket discount
  • A per order discount

Go to Show | Edit a show | Internet options | Discounts.

Enter your discount code.

First you will want to click the Add a new discount button.

  • In the example below, we added a 10% discount per ticket called “Summer Bonanza.”
  • Click on the Performance list button if you want the discount to apply ONLY to certain performances.
  • You can choose the performance individually or click Select all or Clear all to make your choices.
  • When you are satisfied, click the Save changes button.

Using discounts for in-house sales.

  • When you reach the Payment tab while making a sale, click the Add item drop down menu and select the discount.

  • Once you have chosen a pay type, Wintix deducts the discount from the total owed.

  • The number and total of the discount will appear on your Daily Sales Report.

Here are some FAQs about discounts.

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