Are you “missing” a customer in Wintix?

(Last updated on: May 22, 2023)

Trying to find a customer record in Wintix? You know they should be there but you just can’t find them.

IMPORTANT: Wintix will look for an EXACT match between what you have entered originally and what you have entered when you search for a name. If ANYTHING is different, you will not find what you are looking for.

One tiny error can make all the difference!

For instance – is there a SPACE before the first letter of a name? Wintix will then expect that space. It will only show you the record if you put a space in first.

It doesn’t make a difference as to which way you search.

  • Go to Mailing list | Customer lookup¬†and the¬† Searching the customer table window appears.
  • In this example, we are looking for Connie Bergen, but when she was entered, the clerk accidentally typed a space before her name.
  • When you type in “Connie” but don’t add a space before the name, you will not be able to find Connie Bergen.

Or you can search for a name during a sale and receive the same results.

If you still can’t find someone:

  • Go to Mailing list | Customer lookup
  • Click the Generic search button

  • You can choose from different fields and specify Contains or Begins with.

  • The record displays.
  • Double-click to go to the record.

  • You can now fix the record – which in this case means removing the space before the first name.
  • We also do not recommend two names of different people be in the same field. You can see in the screen shot above, there is room for a partner’s name in different fields.




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