Benefits of scanning using Center Stage Software’s Scantix

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2022)

Scantix provides several advantages.

  • Contactless ticketing.
  • Each ticket is printed with a unique bar code, ensuring the ticket is not fraudulent.
  • When scanned at the door, the tickets are checked for the following:
    • Is this the correct performance?
    • Has the ticket been previously scanned in?
  • Tickets can be scanned out if the patron wishes to leave.
  • “Ticket info” function in Scantix displays the customer’s name, date and time they purchased the ticket, and which seats they bought.
  • If the bar code is unable to be scanned by the camera or hardware scanner, the app provides the ability to use the on-screen keyboard to enter the bar code manually, as long the bar code’s text is displayed on the ticket.
  • Supports QR codes – the most common 2D bar code used in this industry.
      • Also supports
        • Data Matrix
        • Aztec
        • PDF417
        • Royal Mail Mailmark 2D

Scantix supports the following devices:

  • Apple iPhone and iPod Touch with a working camera, running iOS 10.0 and newer
  • Android phones with a working camera, running Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer
  • Zebra Technologies TC 210
  • All devices require a stable internet connection, either via WiFi or cellular

Using dedicated mobile scanners

For best results, we recommend using a dedicated mobile scanner. There are many brands of scanners out there. In order to use a dedicated scanner, integration has to be done between Scantix and the scanning device. We have done this for the iPhone and Android.  For a dedicated scanner, we have chosen the Zebra TC 210.

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