How to obtain an Login and Transaction Key

(Last updated on: April 6, 2020)

What is the API Login ID?

  • The API Login ID is a complex value that is at least eight characters in length, includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and/or symbols, and identifies your account to the payment gateway. (Example: 89MX0gtp247Q)
  • It is not the same as your login ID for logging into the Merchant Interface.
  • The two perform different functions. The API Login ID is a login ID that your website uses when communicating with the payment gateway to submit transactions. It is only used for your website or other business application’s connection to the payment gateway.
  • The API Login ID for your account is available in the Settings menu of the Merchant Interface.
    • IMPORTANT: The API Login ID is a sensitive piece of account information and should only be shared on a need-to-know basis.

To obtain your API Login ID:

  • Your API login and transaction key are obtained by going into’s gateway.
  • Type in your login and password.
  • Once you log on, click on the Settings menu.  That takes you to another menu for API and transaction key information.
  • Under Security Settings there are menus to choose from labeled Test Mode and API Credentials & Keys. This is where you need to go in order to make the connection live or to test it. It is also to where you obtain the API login and transaction key.

  • Your payment gateway, in this case, assigns each merchant their specific API login ID.  You will not be able to see your transaction key.
  • The Transaction Key is a 16-character alphanumeric value that is randomly generated in the Merchant Interface. (Example: 77K3W9BhdJ51c0sK)
  • It works in conjunction with your API Login ID to authenticate you as an authorized user of the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway when submitting transactions from your website.
  • Like the API Login ID, the Transaction Key is a sensitive piece of account information that should only be shared on a need-to-know basis.
  • The Transaction Key for your account is displayed on a confirmation page.
    • IMPORTANT: Be sure to record your Transaction Key immediately in a secure manner or copy it immediately to a file in a secure location, since it is not visible in the Merchant Interface like the API Login ID. Once you navigate away from the confirmation page, there is no other way to access the Transaction Key in the Merchant Interface. You would have to generate a new Transaction Key.
  • If your want to generate a new transaction key, the payment gateway will display the new transaction key after you choose the radio button.

If you need more help, call and they can give you a hand.

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