Is your online customer getting a message that your Webtix site is unsafe and unsecure?

(Last updated on: March 17, 2017)

It’s an auto-population problem! This could happen to your patrons – especially if you have upgraded your Buy tickets button to read https, instead of http.

One of our Webtix users reported their patron had chosen her seats on the seating chart and when she proceeded to the next Webtix page, she received the message that the site was not secure.

We contacted the patron and what happened was that her browser had auto-populated to from when she last purchased tickets last year.  We had her totally exit out from the browsers she was using, then go back in. When she went to  the theatre’s website, we told her to hover her mouse over the Purchase tickets button. It read “https://tix5.centerstageticketing . . .”  She was able to proceed and purchase her tickets without the unsecure site message.

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