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What’s the difference between the account number and customer ID?

An account number is used to link sales records with customer records – and that’s about it. Best of all, everyone understands an account. Everyone knows how sales records can be attached to a customer based on the account field. … Continue reading

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How secure is your organization’s bank account?

Do you know how your bank really operates? Are its policies and practices keeping your money safe and secure? Rochelle Johnson of Taylor County Expo Center has a chilling tale that could have been financially disastrous for the Center. Read … Continue reading

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Is your online customer getting a message that your Webtix site is unsafe and unsecure?

It’s an auto-population problem! This could happen to your patrons – especially if you have upgraded your Buy tickets button to read https, instead of http. One of our Webtix users reported their patron had chosen her seats on the … Continue reading

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How to export a mailing list without including the hyphen in the zip code field

The best way to do this is: Go to Mailing list | Generate a mailing list | Export email. Choose the Text file (CSV type) radio button. NOTE: Select the CSV type if you are sending the mailing list to a … Continue reading

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