2017 Center Stage Software newsletters

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Here are links to all of the Center Stage Software 2017 newsletters. The links on the left go to the newsletter. The links on the right take you to specific articles in the newsletter.

November 2017 newsletter Take a quick quiz to see how much you know about computer security
Do you need cyber security insurance?
Tell us when you see an error message
How to find a declined sale by Customer ID
New ticket stock sources
Happy Thanksgiving!
October 2017 Newsletter It’s time to sell gift certificates for holiday giving
50% off fall ticket stock
Let us customize performance-specific information
Come see what we’re doing on Facebook
We’re putting a spell on you to update your Wintix
September 2017 newsletter Add extra seats to a sold out reserved seat show
Bury your dead – sales
Time to clean up your seating plan
How to do a credit card sale with your patron’s “other” address
Update your Wintix and learn about your brain on art
August 2017 newsletter How to manually release abandoned online tickets
Don’t hand write tickets while your thermal printer is down
How Center Stage Software backs up your data
Sensory-friendly performances
Be berry sweet and download a Wintix update
July 2017 newsletter Ask what Wintix and Webtix can do for you
Save 50% on selected ticket stock
Send email reminders
Email receipts not going through?
Let us know about email and website ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
Just keep swimming and update your Wintix
June 2017 Hot Summer sale on ticket stock
Preassigned season tickets
How to flex your season tickets
Forms give your patrons a choice for their season tickets
Dude! You can’t paddle out to your favorite break till you update Wintix
May 2017 Using general ledger codes in Wintix
How to do a partial exchange
View all pages of a report
Don’t let ransomware make you WannaCry
How to fix ticket printing errors in Windows 10
Thelma loves Brad and updating Wintix
April 2017 Create a mailing list from old shows
We need your reviews!
Look out for a new, sneaky email scam
Here’s some help about using the Help Desk
Make sure you have the right bookmark for our website
Update your Wintix if you want to watch a cute cat video
March 2017 Our new website stars in its first performance
Yay – it’s finally Spring!
Is your system sluggish?
Is it unsafe to go there?
Better know your bank’s practices
Singin’ in the flood
Update your Wintix – then get off my lawn!
Mobile responsive Webtix interface
February 2017 Emma Stone credits one of our clients for success
Take a walk on the audit trail
What to do about duplicate records
Adding service charges to your payment types
Reminder – add https to your Buy Tickets button
Is your Wintix a dinosaur?
What’s in the Wintix update?
January 2017 Broken resolutions
 Reconcile your transactions every day!
Upgrade your ticket PDF with a beautiful background image
Generate buzz and sales with a one day sale
Send thank you emails to patrons who attended a show
New laws about ticket bots
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