What is a Special Ticket Format (STF) and when would I use it?

(Last updated on: July 25, 2016)

You don’t need to  create and use a Special Ticket Format (STF) unless the ticket for that show will be different from the default ticket.

So, when would you use a STF?

  • If the show has a logo that is show specific.
  • If you want the ticket format to convey any special information that wouldn’t pertain to other shows.
  • If you want to use special fonts for a show that you wouldn’t use for all shows.

Here’s how to create one:

  • Go to Show | Edit a show
  • Check the Special Ticket Format box and click the Settings button.


  • A new window will appear.

stf 4

  • Click the Windows printer setup button.
  • The special ticket format layout window will appear. This is where you will make your changes.

stf 3

  • NOTE: Wintix automatically renames lasertix.lbx to the Special Ticket Format name.  Wintix will assign the name that appears in your Abbrev field under Show | Edit a show.


  • Now, you need to confirm that the tickets will print to the correct printer.
  • Click on File | Page setup.
  •  The selected printer will display in the Page Setup window.

stf 5


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