How to get a report for purchases beyond the current fiscal year

(Last updated on: September 5, 2016)

To get the report for tickets purchased and monies collected for future performances beyond the current fiscal, run the following report in Wintix:

  • Click on Reports | by Day | Show for a day (The starting date and ending date would be the start and end of your current fiscal year.)
  • Under Range of performances, input the range of performances starting at the beginning date of your NEXT fiscal year and ending with the last date.

  • Next, see the list of shows on the right. Choose the shows by pressing the Ctrl button on your keyboard and hold it down while you do a left or right click on your mouse on each show title.
  • Choose either the All records or Totals only radio button
  • You can send the report to the screen, to the printer, or to a dbf file. Mostly likely, you will want to print to screen or to a printer.
  • Click the Run the report button

starting date

  • Here’s an example of the report.

report 10

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