Slow Internet or Restrictions Against Having an E-commerce Merchant Account?

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2016)

You can use to sell tickets online for an affordable price.

Selling tickets online increases your sales and profitability, frees up box office staff time and gives your patrons an easy and convenient way to purchase tickets.

If you can’t sell online because your internet is too slow or there are restrictions on having an e-commerce merchant account, Center Stage Software wants you to know there is another affordable online ticketing method that may work for you: Click4Tix.

Click4Tix is a third-party provider of online ticketing services that works with Wintix and is endorsed by Center Stage Software.

The benefits of using Click4tix include:

  • No need to establish a merchant account for online credit card processing
  • No recurring fees paid by you – the theatre client
  • Your data is hosted locally on your own server, not by a remote hosting service or remote server

If the following criteria apply to you, then Click4tix is the perfect fit for your organization:

  • You have poor internet connectivity and cannot upgrade your internet connection
  • Your organization’s policy does not allow you to have an e-commerce merchant account or you don’t want to have one

Click4tix connects with your local box office. Tickets are sold from the theatre’s computer in real time on the internet. Troy Lund is the contact: 206-226-6500.
When customers are on your website and are ready to purchase tickets, they would click on the “buy tickets” button. The program then sends your patron to the site, where your customer chooses the show and number of tickets at the stated price. The patron then inputs their credit card information and purchases the tickets in real time. The off sale dates are also dictated by the venue. sends you a check for the amount of tickets sold to each performance on a weekly basis. passes the service charges to the customer, not the client venue.


Downloadable Sales Reports if you have Wintix

Unlike using other ticket resellers, enables the client venue to download sales reports from or into Wintix, if you are a Wintix customer. The client venue is able to generate a complete report for all sales for a day, for a show by single performance, or run of a show, etc.

Eliminate Allotment Procedures

Using Click4tix will enable the client venue to eliminate the allotment procedure. Not only will the client venue continue to sell tickets in the box office, customers will be able to buy tickets from or via the client venue’s website and buy tickets from the same inventory as the in-house inventory. Whether the patron purchases directly from the box office or via the website, every patron can purchase from the same inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we have to purchase both Wintix to use Click4tix?
A. No, but to have easily downloadable sales reports, we highly recommend using Wintix, as well.
Q. Are sales really real-time? For example, if we use Click4Tix as the web engine, what is the latency between a customer purchasing tickets and the time our system is updated?
A. From what we can tell, it’s normally no more than a second or two.
Q. What is the interface through which we’d be communicating with Click4Tix? We want to ensure a secure interface, a necessary firewall/port hardening, etc.
A. You would want to have the computer behind a firewall. You would also want to restrict access to a specific IP. Having an SSL certificate would be good, but not necessary. No credit card information is transmitted. Everything else is non-confidential information – the same as you have already.
Q. What is the business model for Click4Tix? Do we pay yearly fees or transaction fees?
A. charges fees based on the price of the tickets. Generally, they are about 10 percent. These fees are charged to the ticket customer, NOT to the client venue. Another important difference between and other online ticket resellers, the client/venue is paid weekly, not by the end of the run.
For more information, call Troy Lund: at 206-226-6500

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