2016 newsletters

(Last updated on: December 1, 2016)

Here are links to all of the Center Stage Software 2016 newsletters. The links on the left go to the newsletter. The links on the right take you to specific articles in the newsletter.

November 2016 Thank you
Big changes in online payment processing
Urgent reminder to add “S” to your “HTTP”
But how did she know?!
“Authorize only” message
Did you read the email?
Remember to update
October 2016 newsletter One of our servers went down Saturday
Let’s encrypt!
How to set up comp tickets  for reserved seats
How to create House Seats for shows already being sold
Microsoft literally pays hundreds of dollars for auto-update to Windows 10
Raise a flag to notify you of someone special


September 2016 A 40,000 piece costume library at Nebraska Wesleyan University
Run a report for seats sold
New and Free: require online customers to agree to terms and conditions
Don’t forget to update Wintix
Webtix users – make sure you check these settings!
The problem with punctuation
August 2016 newsletter Sell parking passes with Wintix
The chip credit card rollout is a train wreck
Should you fear Windows updates?
Do multiple sales with only one credit card transaction
Can Pokemon and other crazes help your bottom line?
Update your Wintix monthly
July 2016 newsletter Special Ticket Formats
Online purchase trouble may be caused by old browser
Changing the clerk after a sale
Print season tickets for all shows
Center Stage Software only saves your backup for one week
Please update your Wintix
June 2016 Important Wintix updates
Some big fish at Moravian Academy
Webtix receipts were interrupted
Talk to us about what you need in Wintix and Webtix
Run a report with only one price category
Run a report for sales in the next fiscal year
May 2016 Unencrypted connection message
A famous particle physics lab, a baby bison and Wintix
Spring cleaning sale – 40% off selected ticket stock
Please update your Wintix!
Make inactive names active again
How to use Wintix on a Mac
April 2016 Here’s some entertaining news – now we’d like to hear yours!
More on the Authorize.net technical updates
A short cut for printing lots of tickets
Spear Phishers want to get you on their hooks
Use Facebook’s new Live Feed to get more seats filled
March 2016 Welcome a new season with season packages
Important Wintix updates
Having trouble updating?
How to sell tickets when the internet is down
Link your Facebook page to Webtix for instant sales
Join us on Facebook and LinkedIn
February 2016 Selling season packages online with Webtix
Print a seating chart with unsold seats
Clean out inactive names in your database
Authorize.net technical updates
Like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn
It’s spooky that Windows 10 can download without your permission
A simple email is all it takes to hijack your business
January 2016 Important Wintix updates
New Year’s resolution
Keep your board or promoters in the loop
Missing receipts
Can’t create a PDF after an update?
School’s in session on the Help Desk
Export email lists from Wintix into your favorite email program




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