Is letting patrons retrieve their information in Webtix with their email secure?

A Webtix user was concerned that addresses and phone numbers could be accessed by hackers or thieves because Webtix allows a patron to retrieve their contact information by entering an email address. There is an option you can choose to also make them enter a password.

When you subscribe to Webtix, we offer you the option to either turn on or off the password feature.

Many of our clients have opted this feature to be turned off because many of their patrons would forget their passwords and/or would cause general confusion. Not knowing or remembering passwords would frustrate our clients’ patrons so they would either 1) end up not purchasing tickets; or 2) call the box office to purchase tickets.  Item two then defeats the purpose of online ticketing.

Finally, one thing to know. A person’s home address, home phone number, and cell phone number are public information, so if a criminal wants to find out this kind of information, they probably would not have to visit your website or shopping cart to get that kind of information.  We have been offering this feature since the year 2009 and our clients have yet to report that this kind of criminal activity has ever occurred.  So far, in this specific market that we are in usually doesn’t bring on this kind of criminal activity.

Currently, our version 5 doesn’t have the ability for someone who has forgotten their password to retrieve it.  They would have to call you to have you create a new password to enable them into the database so they can create a new password. Here’s a link to our Help Desk if you get a patron who has forgotten their password.

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