Are you or your patrons not receiving email purchase receipts for Webtix sales?

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2015)

This happened to one of our clients. Four patrons didn’t receive their Webtix receipt on two different days and times and the box office didn’t received them, either. We use Mandrill for email services and checked the log and discovered there were no records of their email addresses or emails being sent to them. All receipts, except for those four purchases, had been sent.

What we think happens in a case like this is that there is a hiccup or break in internet communications, like when you are talking on a cell phone and can only hear every other word or the call is dropped. Unfortunately, this is not something we can duplicate. Internet connectivity is beyond our control.

NOTE: The online sales through Webtix did go through, and the sales were recorded in Wintix.


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