2015 Center Stage Software newsletters

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2015)

Here are links to all of the Center Stage Software 2015 newsletters. The links on the left go to the newsletter. The links on the right take you to specific articles in the newsletter.

 December 2015  Center Stage Software holiday hours
 Cozy up to the fire and listen to some holiday tunes
 New red ticket stock available
 Holiday internet traffic can slow online sales
 Beware of fraudulent purchases during the holiday season
 What’s on your Christmas wish list for Wintix?
November 2015 New Wintix users tutorial available on the Help Desk
Is your printer ejecting blank tickets?
Check your credit card log every day
Have a weird character in your seating plan PDF? 
Problems in Wintix may be due to a virus
October 2015 news Center Stage is 30 years old
All our newsletters now on the Help Desk
It cost HOW MUCH 30 years ago?
We “like” linking your Facebook to your Webtix site
Got new management? Let us do a demo
Credit card not approved but charged anyway?
September 2015 news More about the move to EMV terminals on Oct. 1
Authorize.net upcoming technical updates
Make Authorize.net batch out at the time you want
What to do if an ISP is blocking email
Please notify us if you have a new transaction key
Would you like to read the newsletter on a mobile device?
August 2015 news Important update information
Know what credit card fees you’re paying
All about promo codes
Does Webtix notify patrons when their card is declined?
Is Wintix blurry?
Who are your frequent buyers?
July 2015 news Back up Wintix automatically
How to add form choices for online purchasing 
2015 Ticketing Satisfaction Survey results
You can have HTML tickets in a receipt instead of a PDF
You should have EMV compliant credit card readers by October 
Windows 10 rolling out July 29
How to run a sales report for specific shows
June 2015 news Webtix – the freedom to sell tickets 24/7
Webtix users are happy
Lots of ways to earn money on Webtix
Update Wintix on a regular basis
Brand your Webtix page
Get attention with a good “Buy Tickets” button
Why you should use Webtix if you don’t
New cyber threat
May 2015 news  Convert a reservation into a sale
A clean printer = clean tickets
No clapping!
Better security for Authorize.net
How to prevent sales remarks from clogging reports
Mistakenly merged customer records
April 2015 news Oct. 1 deadline to accept “chip” credit cards
Are your cancellation and refund policies online?
Save and reuse special ticket formats
How one Wintix user tracks his complimentary tickets
So much information about reports on the Help Desk
Got a long list of shows? Find the right one fast
Mobile or standard computer … what your patrons are using to buy tickets
March 2015 news Important Wintix updates
Tell us your thoughts on CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
How to remember why you gave comp tickets
Printing error may be missing dll files
How to let patrons know about restricted view seats
Adding extra information to ticket using FGL printing
February 2015 news How to email tickets after a purchase
Please take the 2015 Ticketing Technology Survey
Use Wintix to sell class registrations
Call us for emergency help! 
How to flag a patron that needs special attention
How a patron flags YOU that they need special attention
Use Wintix to manage your email marketing mailing lists
January 2015 news New History Report in Wintix
Please take our survey about the INTIX Conference
How to reprint tickets in Wintix
Let us upsize the server if you anticipate big sales for an event
Can’t run a GL Code Report?
Two-for-one sales
Force capture of a patron’s name in a sale
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