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(Last Updated On: October 6, 2015)

Here are links to all of the Center Stage Software 2014 newsletters. The links on the left go to the newsletter. The links on the right take you to specific articles in the newsletter.

November 2014 news Thank you!
Important Wintix updates
POODLE now affecting some in-house sales
Changing the off sale time for your performances
Shopping cart time out options in Webtix
How to add images for Webtix
Head to the Help Desk
October 2014 news Holiday sales idea – how to add Gift Certificates to Wintix and WebtixAdding QR codes to your tickets
How many backups should you keep?
The easy way to add multiple email addresses for one person
Datamax discontinues S Class printers outage affected some Wintix and Webtix users
September 2014 news Fall Wintix clean up
 How to remove inactive names
Removing duplicate records
Deleting and merging customer records
Valuable queriesUsing Wintix Event Types
Archiving shows
August 2014 news Important Wintix updates  The future of credit card processing – a visit with MerchantPlus
Use caution when modifying a seating plan
Credit card companies to experiment with “Chip” cards – and us
Wintix now connects with the Help Desk
We’ve got new servers – are you accessing the right one?
A word from the bird
July 2014 news News and tips about licensing shows
How to run a Daily Sales Report by price category
Find unattached seats with an Integrity Report
Why we use weird passwords
How to customize your Wintix background
Bad weather takes center stage at Expo Center
June 2014 news How to run a report on who is attending a show to send a reminder
Is your show going off sale too soon?
The server outage on May 27
Having trouble selling tickets while printing?
Whidbey Playhouse in the Spotlight
Contact Support even if you don’t have a problem
May 2014 news Displaying important information in Webtix
How to find out of balance sales
Back up, back up, back up!
Adding seats to a seating chart in use
How to number seats in a GA seating plan
Where publicity codes are stored in Wintix
How to correct a sale made in the wrong price category 
April 2014 news Run a Performance Summary Report
The easiest way to add multiple performances to a show
What to do if your system is sluggish
Optimum image size for PDF email receipts
Email receipts missing due to email provider protocols
A little note about secure payment processing
Problems downloading a Wintix update? 
We want a picture of your theatre for our newsletter
March 2014 news Important Wintix Updates
Backing up data in Wintix and Webtix
Reminder – the Help Desk address has changed
How to print directly to envelopes in Wintix
All things Windows – The end of XP
Why you need Windows 7 PRO
February 2014 news IMPORTANT: The Help Desk has a new addressUse the “Report by Clerk” every day for best accounting practices
Solving the mysteries of equipment failures
Using the First Timers report to say thanks
Checking the credit card log
How to add a CAPTCHA in Webtix
January 2014 news A new series of articles about Wintix reports
The Daily Sales Report
How to add sales and other taxes in Wintix
First Timers and Repeat Patron Report
Please take our 3 question survey about the First Timers Report
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