Sales records and other data not correct? Could be a computer problem

Are you having problems with sales records and other data not being written correctly? Does this happen on every computer or just one in particular? Does this happen at random times or during the same time of day?

Here are our recommendations as it is mostly likely a computer problem:

1) Have your IT person or anyone who can open up your computer case, to either a) vacuum out all the dust or b) use a can of compressed air and blow out the dust and make sure the heat sync is vacuumed or the dust is blown out; 2) perform the above on all computers.

Once this is done, monitor the behavior of your computer.  We have found regular cleaning of computers is necessary to optimize your computers’ ability to operate efficiently and accurately.  If cleaning doesn’t make any difference, then it may be a myriad of other computer or operating system failures such as 1) a disk drive going bad; 2) your computer may have a virus;  3) mother board is going bad; 4) too many programs are running in the background would affect the data being written to disk.

Regular maintenance of you computer, in addition to cleaning, includes running the checkdisk and defragmentation of your computer hard drives.

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