information gone?

(Last updated on: January 5, 2016)

Has this happened to you?

A Wintix user emailed us: “Something strange happened this morning. When the box office people arrived, the information was wiped out. This happened to us once before, so we were prepared to fill in the information again. Any idea how this could have happened?” information is saved as part of the initialization settings ( click on File | Initialization | Credit card tab). This is also how it gets changed (and maybe, erased). This was probably done by one of the humans who went in to the initialization. They erased the credit card settings and saved the changes.

card tab

The only solution is to protect those settings with passwords. What you need to do is give everyone logins and passwords. Then, turn on the password protection.

Click here to learn how to set up passwords and permissions.

Learn more about protecting the API login and other credit card processing information on this tab.

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