Do your tickets have “lines” across them when you print them?

(Last updated on: September 25, 2015)

Does your thermal ticket print lines on your tickets?


We get contacted by clients requesting a new printer when their tickets display lines across the page as displayed on the above image.  You can save your organization a significant amount of money by purchasing a print head or platen. When your ticket displays lines, this only means your print head or platen needs replacing, not the entire thermal printe

How do you know which one needs replacing?

(The following infographic and information courtesy of our friends at the Boca Printer Store.)

Bad Print Head or Platen

If you have a Boca printer, information and pricing for printer service can be found at:

To order the parts, contact Boca Systems.

If you have another brand of printer, give Center Stage Software a call at 831-583-0641 and we’ll be glad to provide you with information and a quote.


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