Show Schedule

(Last updated on: October 15, 2019)

Do you want a complete list of shows for a particular time period?  Do you need to double check your input of your shows and events to make sure the dates and performance times, categories, and prices are correct? Here is a way to proofread your input so you can catch any mistakes in data input.

  • Go to Show | Utilities | Show schedule. Select the starting and ending date and click or unclick the options in the checkboxes and radio buttons. You can send the schedule to the screen, printer, or spreadsheet.
  • Here is what the window looks like in Wintix 6:

  • Here is what it looks like in Wintix 5:

  • Here is what the Show schedule looks like when you send it to the screen:


show sked 2

  • If you need to manipulate the data, you can send it to a spreadsheet. There is a lot of data included, however, so you will need to remove any unwanted columns.

showsked 3

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