Datamax printhead failure – material buildup

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These types of failures are not normally covered under warranty. Under the microscope we see evidence of residue build up. Possible causes include the following:


Additional considerations include:

  • Residue build up may be caused by not effectively cleaning the printhead after every roll of media.
  • Installing ribbon upside down allowing ink to transfer to the printhead and not the label stock can cause buildup.

Residues that are not removed from the printhead by regular cleaning can cause the residue to become baked-on, which can become difficult to remove, reduce print quality, and lead to early printhead failure due to thermal overstress. Increasing the printing heat to compensate for a dirty printhead can accelerate this damage to the printhead.

It is possible to reduce or avoid this kind of damage by thoroughly cleaning the printhead at the regular recommended intervals, using media and ribbons that are compatible with thermal printing, and printing with only enough heat necessary to produce quality images.

NOTE: For Datamax specific printers, event baked on residue that is difficult to remove with alcohol alone can be reduced or removed with Datamax Cleaning Film (part numbers listed below).

DPO 70-2087-01 for 4” wide 3 packs DPO 70-2087-21 for 4” wide 12 packs.

DPO 70-2087-02 for 6” wide 3 packs DPO 70-2087-22 for 6” wide 12 packs.




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