Webtix5 release 2012.02.10

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2012)

Code modifications include:
1) Fixed recently introduced bug which prevented the release of pending sales records.
2) Enhanced the seating chart by changing wording and icons for wheelchair accessibility.
3) Enhanced seat price selection to optionally enable administrator restricting access to prices based on a chart’s available-price-categories data field.
4) Enhanced the database connection code to specify a particular character-set for data.  This can be customized via “config.php”.
5) Fixed a problem with new Special Form Options and the general admission chart.

Files Updated Since Webtix5 release 2012.01.23:

  • selecttix_nochart.php
  • selecttix_ichart.php
  • selecttix_bchart.php
  • selectseats_ichart.php
  • _media/seatWheelchair.png
  • _media/seatWCompanion.png
  • _media/seatHandicapped.png (deleted)
  • _includes/lib_connectDatabase.php
  • _includes/libf_displayADAForm.php
  • _includes/libf_releaseOldPendingSeats.php
  • _includes/libf_renderSeatingChart.php
  • _includes/module_rtt/rtt_selecttix_nochart.php
  • _includes/module_rtt/rtt_selecttix_bchart.php
  • _includes/module_rtt/rtt_selectseats_ichart.php
  • _includes/admin_testRequirements.php
  • _includes/test_version.php
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