Collect donations by adding a “Donation show” or “Donation season package”

(Last updated on: December 12, 2017)

You can collect donations with Wintix and Webtix two ways: by setting up a show or a season package.

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While either way works, we recommend that you set up your donations as a season package, so you don’t have to add a date. Season package setups are not date-specific while adding single events are date-specific. Wintix requires that you choose a date when adding a donation event under a single ticket event.

In this post, we’ll show you how to set it up both ways.

Set up donations as a show

To set up your donation event as a single event, in Wintix:

  • Click on Show | Utilities | Add a new show
  • Once you’ve added the show, you can complete the rest of the steps.  See the screen shot below showing what the single event Donation Testing looks like. Notice there is a date of December 31, 2020.  When setting up this kind of event as a single show, you would need to add a date in the future, preferably the last day of your regular season.
  • Make sure you set the event type as “Donation”

donation testing
Set up donations as a season package

To enter a Donation event as a season ticket package:

  •     Click on Show |Utilities | Add a new season package
    Fill out the Title and Abbreviation fields and click on the Create package button

new season ticket

The screen below shows what you see when clicking on Show | Edit a season package and choose Donation Season.

  • Make sure you set the event type as “Donation”

edit a season package

You can see what this looks like online by visiting our Webtix demo:

You will see two donation events. Notice the Donate buttons.


Click on either of them and you will see this next example displayed:

donate 2


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