Webtix5 release 2012.01.23

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2012)

Code modifications include:
1) Modifications to seating chart display.
2) Re-enabled performance report seating-chart display.  Added ability to display report seating-chart for RTT origin shows.
3) Enhanced “getname.php” so that customer information fields are labeled request browser not cache data.  This will encourage customers to login normally and help reduce needless duplicate customer records.
4) Modifications do the untested USAePay Payment Form API module.  (Use this module at your own risk.)
5) Removed config settings from template for old deprecated payment module.

Files Updated Since Webtix5 release 2012.01.09:

  • process.php
  • getname.php
  • .htaccess
  • _media/maincss.php
  • _includes/config_template.php
  • _includes/libf_renderSeatingChart.php
  • _includes/module_reports/lib.php
  • _includes/module_reports/libf_perfRpt.php
  • _includes/module_payment/process_cc_usaepay_nossl.php
  • _includes/module_payment/process_cc_usaepay_nossl_lib.php
  • _includes/module_payment/process_cc_usaepay_nossl_void.php
  • _includes/admin_testRequirements.php
  • _includes/test_version.php
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