Why do some customers get error messages when buying through Webtix?

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2015)

If they are using Internet Explorer (IE) it may be a problem with their privacy settings. We ran a test and successfully purchased tickets with Firefox, Opera, Safari, and IE with browser default settings. However, we got a failure when using IE with “HIGH” privacy mode, that blocks cookies from “untrusted” sites. This is a user privacy-setting caused problem. Solution: In this situation for IE browser, the customer needs to reduce their browser’s privacy mode to “Medium High” …OR… place “centerstageticketing.com” as a trusted site under their browser’s “Internet Options”. (Placing sites in IE browser as “Trusted” might cause browser slow-down due to Norton Antivirus double-scanning everything before rendering.) No error messages showed and purchases were successful. Using a privacy mode of “Medium High” or “Medium” performed better in my IE tests.

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