DMX 4205 red fault light flashes

(Last updated on: November 23, 2015)

You may need to calibrate the printer. Here are two methods. We suggest you perform both of them in the following order:

1) Empty calibration:  Remove ticket media. Make sure the printer is on.  Press the Pause and Feed buttons at the same time and release when the motor runs and then stops.  Does the red fault light still shine: Yes or no? If yes, see second step: Under Auto/Quick calibration.

2) Auto/Quick calibration: Insert ticket media.  Make sure printer is on. Press down the Feed button until the motor runs, then release the Feed button. The motor will start and stop three times. Once it stops, the red light should stop flashing.

Once the red light stops flashing, trying printing a test ticket from your DMX driver from Windows:

  • Click on the Start key
  • Choose Printers and faxes
  • With your mouse, do a right click on the DMX 4205 printer icon and choose Properties
  • Click on the General tab and press the Print Test Page button.  A test page should print. See screen shot below.

datamax test print

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