Processing Credit Cards in Wintix

(Last updated on: August 5, 2020)

Center Stage Software has developed interfaces with two companies providing virtual credit card processing terminals. Center Stage Software recommends or

Webtix will also work with PayPal. Click here to learn more.

Center Stage Software has built an interface to, which is not only an internet gateway, but also its own credit card processor using Navigate. also serves as a portal/gateway to Here is the link to If you’re using another credit card processor (i.e. Global Payment Systems, NOVA, Verisign, VisaNet) you should contact and ask them if they can save you more money compared to the processor you’re using now.

Center Stage Software also has built an interface to work with, which is an internet portal/gateway that connects directly to your bank/credit card processor. Think of it as a “virtual terminal” which basically takes the place of your Verifone pad that you run your credit card numbers through.

An Payment Gateway account enables you to accept credit card and electronic check payments from your e-commerce website. Merchants can easily connect to the Payment Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. Find out from your credit card processor whether or not they work with

Click here to watch an new merchant training video.

To verify current pricing, please contact and

  • Important information about credit card merchant accounts The banking industry treats credit card purchases differently in terms of risk depending on if they are in-house, MOTO or e-commerce. Online processing has the most risk so they require a separate account for online purchases. This is done through your bank or credit card processor. Since it is a gateway, not a processor, will process both but your credit card processor needs to set you up with separate retail and e-commerce accounts for online credit card purchases. Because it is also a processor, will set you up with both retail and e-commerce accounts.
  • Card swipers If you need to process credit cards at each workstation, you will need to purchase one card swiper per workstation. (Center Stage Software does sell card swipes for your convenience). For pricing, call Center Stage Software at 831-583-0641.

Click here for more information on credit card processing in Wintix.

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