Stripe BBPOS Terminal Setup

Stripe Setup

  • Login to We have 2 Stripe accounts. For this, use the Center Stage Ticketing account.
  • Ensure that Test Mode is not enabled.
  • If Test Mode is on, a notice on the top of the screen will appear and indicate that.


Viewing existing connected accounts

  • Navigate to the Connected accounts section.
  • Click Connect or search for Connect.
  • Select Connected Accounts to see a list of all active connected accounts.
  • Click any of the listed accounts to access settings and information related to the account. Not all settings are visible, only things that are needed from a connected account standpoint are available, such as:
    • Profile/Account Information.
    • Setting Configurations (Read-only access only).
    • Payments & Accepted Payment Methods.
    • Invoices.
    • Subscriptions.
    • Customers.
    • Products.
    • Note: Some of these may or may not be used depending on if they use Stripe for other platforms independently of our features.

Adding new connected accounts

  • From the Connected accounts page, click + Create to create a new connected account.
  • By default, these settings should be adequate. However, the Country field may be changed according to the connected accounts location.
  • Copy the URL listed and email it to the customer so they can setup Stripe and have it be connected to our account.
  • They will be prompted to either create a new account if they don’t have one, or they will be prompted to login and link their existing account to ours.
  • Once they complete their setup, they will need to let us know so that we can then do our configurations. There is nothing else that must be done by them.
  • Once notified, we then must obtain the connected account ID so it can be entered into both Wintix and Webtix.
  • Return to the list of connected accounts.
  • Select the account that was just created from the list.
  • Click the Copy ID text to copy the connected account ID.
  • This is what we need to establish the connection in Wintix and Webtix

Webtix S=setup

  • Open the Webtix config.php file.
  • Add the following to the config file:
    • Note: This must go in the Stripe cc_module section

$cstage[‘stripe_connect_account_id’] = “acct_187zYNAZmag9Rkfz”;

$cstage[‘stripe_application_fees’] = array(


‘who_pays’=>’patron’, // (patron, client) – Who pays the fee.



“amount”=>0.00, // Amount to be charged per ticket. Units are based on type

“type”=>”fixed” // (fixed / percentage)








“public_line_item_text”=>”Processor fee”, // Descriptor that shows up in webtix on the checkout/receipts

“client_line_item_text”=>”CSS Charge”, // What shows up in Wintix under the tickets tab


Change the following settings accordingly

  • $cstage[‘stripe_connect_account_id’] value becomes the ID of the connected account created from step 5 of the previous section
  • “Who_pays”: Set this to patron or client depending on who pays the fee

Fee type:

  • Amount:  The amount to be charged.
    • If using fixed mode, this is dollars.
    • If using percent mode, this is to be between 0 and 100%.
  • Type: Fixed or Percentage –  determines how the fee is calculated for each ticket.
  • Gift Card Fee: How much of a fee is collected for each gift card purchased.
  • Public_line_item_text: What text on the checkout/receipt pages is displayed to the patron.
  • Client_line_item_fee: What text is displayed in Wintix to the client.


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