Wintix update 9-8-23

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  • The show discounts section is saving the show discounts properly.
  • The capacity and seats remaining fields are accurate when selling a ticket.
  • Reports | by Show | Run of show is working for the old sales.
  • The Stripe Terminal for in-house sales is now supported for those already using an older version of Stripe. This is not for those contemplating moving to Stripe.

* NOTE: Mintix is another application that some Wintix users use.

There has been another Wintix update on 9/8/23 1:28:20pm PDT

Please download the latest Wintix update again

  • The fix for the capacity and seats remaining fields during a sale created an issue.
  • General Admission (GA) sales, showed as sold out when there were still seats to be sold. This has been corrected.
  • Mintix was not affected.
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