6-27-22 Wintix update

(Last updated on: November 16, 2022)

  • If you have received the seating chart mismatch, Wintix will fix the error when you download the latest update.
  • Comparing the size of the performance chart with the plan was originally a precautionary measure. We used to get this error about once a year. In the past two months, we have been getting them about once a week. So, we put in a repair utility. We are working on a long term solution.
  • Report for a customer has the reference to domains removed.
  • The customer report will list customers from all domains now. Domains is a feature used by a few of our customers, but it is crucial for the ones that do. Domains keep the accounting of different departments separated for better relations.
  • The sale label button now allows you to include variables such as total tickets and total sale amount.
  • Season ticket reports have a new radio button: Season ticket renewal form.
  • This report, when sent to a spreadsheet, will list the number of tickets purchased, the price category, and price per category. Please note that the season ticket renewal form radio button is meant to be sent only to a spread sheet format, not to the screen or to the printer. When sent to the screen or printer, the report will be in the same format as the radio buttons labeled “All records,” “Just the totals” and “Sales with performances.” This option allows more effective emailing to patrons when renewal time comes. Learn more here.
  • When you edit a performance, the changes are recorded in the Edit History.
  • The Edit History is is how the program tracks changes to each performance. This is handy when one of your employees says, “Gosh, I don’t know how that performance got changed.” The audit log/edit history lets you know any changes, when they were made, and by whom.
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