2022 Newsletters

(Last updated on: November 16, 2022)

November 2022 Newsletter

  • We are so grateful for you!
  • Please let us know if a third-party is contacting us for you
  • Our Thanksgiving office hours
  • “1, 2, 3, 4 / If you need support some more”

September/October 2022 Newsletter

  • Bar code scanning – touchless tickets
  • What are show notes and why would I use them?
  • May I? Setting and editing permissions
  • Don’t let those emails keep bouncing
  • “Operator, can you help me make this call” to the support team?

August 2022 Newsletter

  • Use Wintix and Webtix to register students for classes
  • How to use discounts in Wintix
  • Discover the history of a sale
  • Our new intern Zach is a star in the making
  • Want stubless tickets?

July 2022 Newsletter

  • Let flex pass patrons pick performances
  • Run a spreadsheet of subscribers for renewals
  • Sell comp or special priced tickets during a GA sale
  • Software update reminders
  • Do you want stubless tickets?

June 2022 Newsletter 

  • Season tickets – how to let patrons select their own performances in a flex pass
  • Run a spreadsheet to help you renew subscribers
  • Add special price or comp tickets to a GA sale
  • How to find what you are looking for

May 2022 Newsletter

  • Beware of the difference between service charges and surcharges
  • We are improving our servers to serve your needs better
  • The easiest way to get a thumbnail photo for your Webtix page
  • Have you memorized the support call extensions?

April 2022 Newsletter

  • New How-To videos on our YouTube Channel
  • What is the error? Send us a picture!
  • Here is where to find update info on the Help Desk
  • Don’t forget the support phone number & extensions

March 2022 Newsletter

  • Add a link to your email receipts
  • Reconcile your sales every day to avoid most accounting problems
  • The difference between selling pre-assigned and flex season passes
  • Please contact any patron whose receipt bounced or reported it as spam
  • Don’t forget the support line extensions!

January 2022 Newsletter

  • Practice your Wintix skills during this slow time of year
  • Support team phone extensions
  • Use price categories and season tickets for gift certificates
  • Does any purrson at your organization need to get the newsletter and other mews?
  • Contact us before you order custom ticket
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