Wintix updates Aug. 2021

(Last updated on: August 31, 2021)

  • When editing a sale and searching by phone number, the message, ‘Nothing found’ will display if no phone number is found.
  • Selecting a new label has a fix for an occasional error where the data type was invalid. This should fix a Windows 10 bug on some computers.
  • Changes while cancelling a sale will display immediately.
  • When charging a credit card, you may now use the second address in a customer record.
  • Wintix gives the clerk a warning when they try to release a seat. If a Webtix sale is in progress for that seat, the clerk needs to confirm before the seat gets released.
  • Report | by Show | Run of show will put in the pay type when sent to a spreadsheet.
  • When processing a GA season ticket, the seats from the first performance will be saved and put in for all subsequent performances.
  • When selling either single or season tickets with split payments, the Process button is enabled if the payment type entered as a credit card. The other payment type is added correctly.
  • If a credit card is not completed during an an attempt to process the sale, the amount of the sale will be zeroed out.
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