Webtix update 1-28-21

(Last updated on: March 15, 2021)

There is a new feature coming out for Webtix in the next release: the ability to “upsell” an event and promote it. This was implemented on behalf of Pickleville with their “Pickleville Grill” event. It currently (as of the time of this email) be demoed here: https://tix6.centerstageticketing.com/sites/test_pickleville6/
How it works:
1) Select the first event (Finding the Fickle Fortune…) and go through the process. You should see the upsell after the customer info page.
2) Click on the “Reserve dinner tickets now”. Should be taken to the performance list for the “Pickleville Grill”
3) You should NOT be shown the upsell page, and instead end up on the checkout page.
4) Empty the cart and return to the events page.
5) Select the “Pickleville Grill”. After the customer page, you should end up on the checkout page (no upsell since you selected the upsell item)
6) Empty the cart again
7) Redo step 1 again. Just step 1.
8) Click on “Checkout without dinner tickets”, you should be at checkout now.

Some notes on it’s functionality (for our help desk postings)
*** Upsell Items cannot be a season package
*** Upsells can be purchased in conjunction with a season package, but a season package cannot be an upsell entry itself

1) It is configured through the Webtix Config file under the $cstage[‘upsell_items’] variable. If it doesn’t exist, grab it from the latest V6 config file.
2) It works by checking the master id and enabled status of the item. If either are missing or it’s not enabled, the upsell doesn’t work.
3) When enabled, it loads all the performances for the master id to ensure that a) there are events in the future (greater than or equal to today) and b) there are events on sale. If either a) or b) are false, it will not render the upsell.
4) It checks to ensure that the upsell item is not already in the cart. If it is in the cart, it skips it and moves on.
5) There can be more than item in the config. If so, the process repeats for each and every entry that is there (steps 2-4).
6) Each upsell item must have it’s own rendering file matching the name setup in the config file. If the file does not exist, its skips the entry since it cannot be rendered. The file is only HTML content and is automatically loaded during page load.

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