How to input wheelchair seating (ADA rules) in Wintix for sale through Webtix 6

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Instructions for reserved seats with a seating chart

  • In Wintix, add the wheelchair and companion seating by going to Tools | Seating plans | <double click on your plan>.
  • Double click on the seat you want to indicate is a wheelchair or companion seat.
  • In the drop down menu in the Status field, select the uppercase W in to indicate the wheelchair accessible seat and a lowercase w to indicate the companion seat.

  • Click OK to close the plan.
  • If the plan is already in use and attached to a show, click on the Update all charts that are based on this plan button.
  • Online Webtix customers will now see the seating chart has icons for wheelchair accessible and companion seating.

  • Webtix will display a new screen when patrons click on a wheelchair accessible seat.

  • Both questions must be answered yes. If not, they won’t be able to buy those seats.

  • If they have answered yes to both questions, Webtix will allow them to select those seats.


  • The customers complete the sale in the normal way.
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