Options for socially distant seating

(Last updated on: May 18, 2020)

Every organization has its own unique situation and needs when it comes to social distancing requirements and options to keep your patrons comfortable and safe.

Below is a summary of options that we are listing in terms of most highly recommended to least recommended. This page also contains links to important instructions you will need to follow.

The first step, though, is actually physically measuring your house to ensure the distance you are creating in socially distant seating is correct.

Please watch this video on how to measure your house for social distancing.

Option 1A – General Admission or GA show

For any new event where no tickets have been sold, we highly recommend you set them up as general admission shows, so you can physically create socially distant seats in the house.

Here is a video to show you how to set up a GA show for social distancing. 

Option 1B- Mirror Show

This option is best used when you have already sold tickets to a show. You want to continue to sell tickets online and in house, but you need to physically control where people sit for social distancing.

Read a post to learn how to create a mirror show.

Watch a video to show you how to create a mirror show.

  • Copy a show and make general admission
  • Transfer sales from original to mirror
  • Sell tickets online/in-house with reduced capacity
  • Arrange your house physically based on number of tickets in the orders
  • Open House as general admission

Option 2- Mirror Show/Reserve Seating Combo

This option is best used when you have sold GA tickets for a show and want seats to be reserved by you to comply with social distancing. Here is a Help Desk post on this operation.

  • Copy a show and make general admission
  • Sell mirror show online with a reduced capacity
  • Transfer sales from mirror show to original show with seats socially distanced
  • Print/email tickets and send to patrons

Option 3- Socially Distanced Reserved Seating

This option should be used if you want to sell socially distanced reserved seating online and in house. Please note this option would be extremely limited and the one we least recommend.

If you feel this option is best for you, please call 831-583-0641 or email info@centerstage.com

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