An in-depth look at Wintix and Webtix 6

(Last Updated On: March 12, 2019)

Wintix and Webtix 6 can handle tasks and reporting from simple and basic to complex and intricate.

Because we listen to what our customers need and want in box office software, our team of dedicated programmers have developed an extremely responsive and flexible next generation system to serve most every ticketing and accounting need for your box office.

Although this is an exhaustive list, it is by no means a complete list. We – and our users – always come up with new ways to use this valuable software.

This particular list of features and benefits came from a lengthy list of questions submitted by a potential customer who knew exactly what they wanted in a box office solution.


  • You can transfer all current gift certificate numbers and their balances with expiration dates, based on the type of data that your current system exports.
  • If you charge service or other fees at the time of purchase, you can either list them separately or combine them with the price.
  • If you show a range of prices, you can designate an age limit or other qualification.
  • You can print, release, refund, exchange, or move some or all tickets in one order.
  • You don’t need a customer’s email address to complete a transaction or edit an account at the box office.
  • If someone buys additional tickets to the same performance, the new tickets can be added to the existing order rather than being put in a separate order.
  • Subscriptions can include regular season tickets and flex passes.
  • For each kind of subscription, you can enter the number of tickets per show, rather than have one subscription package for one ticket, one for two, one for three, etc.
  • You can designate which ticket delivery methods you want for online and in-house sales, including print at home, will call, mail or print now.
  • Tickets designated as will call, print now or mail cannot be printed at home by the buyer.
  • You may customize the information on any kind of tickets.
  • If a customer selects print at home, the receipt/ticket is embedded in the email so there
  • You can print general admission tickets ahead of time for sale at a different venue.
  • You can set gift card/certificate expiration dates or have no expiration date, though remember that the ability to have an expiration on a gift certificate is mandated state by state.
  • You can add any payment type you like.
  • You can take orders for reservations and put them on hold for later payment.

Online Webtix sales

  • Online sales can begin and end at any designated dates and times.
  • Customers can opt in or out of mailing lists.
  • When buying online, the option to donate is visible before payment.
  • You can create separate Webtix pages for classes so they aren’t listed among the performances.
  • Class registration can have fields for questions such as student’s name, age, etc.
  • You can make some seats visible for online sales while others are not, and change what is visible as needed or reserve blocks of seats for groups.
  • When online, customers can buy and redeem gift certificates in any amount, with suggested amounts shown.
  • If there are multiple performances of the same production, you can add performance-specific information to be viewed online.


  • You can export reports to common file formats like a spreadsheet or PDF.
  • You can find potential duplicates by running a report. Duplications can also be removed automatically.
  • Financial reports can be by event with separate listings for price, ticket fee, merchant fee, discount, etc.
  • Income reports can show each payment on the date it was made, not the date the order was begun.
  • Sales reports can be done for specific payment types for a specified time period.
  • Credit card batch reports show all exchanges, refunds, merchant fees, etc. by event so it balances with the amount received during that time frame.
  • You can create an accounting audit report showing each event, type of ticket, price, quantity, and total payment.


  • You can back up with an in-house server backup,  and we perform a daily cloud-based backup, as well.
  • Multiple sellers can be logged in at one time.
  • Your contract clearly defines liability if customer information is compromised.
  • Different staff members can be assigned different access and editing capabilities.
  • For a specific performance, you can print a seating diagram showing which seats are already sold, as well as a manifest with customer information such as email, phone
  • It’s easy to obtain contact lists using various criteria. These could be for contacting customers via mail, email, phone, or social media.
  • All data is backed up and retrievable.
  • You can print a full-page receipt on demand.
  • An email confirmation containing a receipt can be sent out for every purchase where the account has an email.
  • You can sell tickets for multiple venues.
  • You can create your own seating charts.
  • Center Stage offers support by phone, email, and, in cases of emergency, after hours.

Customer Management

  • You can credit a customer’s account and add a reason in the notes field.
  • You can do a quick sale without taking names shortly before each performance.
  • The system uses a relational database with fields you can customize.
  • When you pull up a customer’s account, their record contains their name, phone numbers, email addresses, and (seasonal) mailing and billing addresses.
  • You can add a new customer account without placing an order for them or performing other tasks at that time.
  • Center Stage Software will not share our customers’ accounts with other organizations or use them for their own purposes.
  • You can edit all customer information and merge duplicate accounts.
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