2019 Newsletters

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2019)

Here are links to all of the Center Stage Software 2019 newsletters. The links on the left go to the newsletter. The links on the right take you to specific articles in the newsletter.

January newsletter Theatre on the Ridge reopens after devastating Paradise Camp Fire
Incredible interative video of Paradise from the NY Tiimes
Wintix/Webtix upgrade required in 2019
Support price increase in 2019
Printing receipts during and after a sale
Resolve to check your Wintix build date
Feb. 2019 newsletter Our Webtix servers helped Willie Nelson tickets sell smoothly and quickly
Remove duplicate customer records
Want to improve your Wintix & Webtix skills?
People from all over the world can buy tickets on Webtix
Don’t forget to upgrade to Wintix 6 if you have Wintix 5
March 2019 newsletter How to use run of show pricing
How to know which performances are using a particular seating plan
Doggone it! Is someone not getting the newsletter?
Tell us how you manage your volunteers
April 2019 Run a report by show by price category
What is the 24-hour clock in Wintix?
Is your text too big to fit on tickets or reports?
How to restore “deleted” names
The end of Windows 7
Is your Wintix build date 4/25/19?


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