2019 Newsletters

(Last updated on: June 11, 2021)

Here are links to all of the Center Stage Software 2019 newsletters. The links on the left go to the newsletter. The links on the right take you to specific articles in the newsletter.

January newsletter Theatre on the Ridge reopens after devastating Paradise Camp Fire
Incredible interactive video of Paradise from the NY Times
Wintix/Webtix upgrade required in 2019
Support price increase in 2019
Printing receipts during and after a sale
Resolve to check your Wintix build date
Feb. 2019 newsletter Our Webtix servers helped Willie Nelson tickets sell smoothly and quickly
Remove duplicate customer records
Want to improve your Wintix & Webtix skills?
People from all over the world can buy tickets on Webtix
Don’t forget to upgrade to Wintix 6 if you have Wintix 5
March 2019  How to use run of show pricing
How to know which performances are using a particular seating plan
Doggone it! Is someone not getting the newsletter?
Tell us how you manage your volunteers
April 2019 Run a report by show by price category
What is the 24-hour clock in Wintix?
Is your text too big to fit on tickets or reports?
How to restore “deleted” names
The end of Windows 7
Is your Wintix build date 4/25/19?


May 2019 New – you must now click on a performance to sell a ticket
  New – search for a show while selling a ticket
  Are there white squares on your Webtix seating chart?
  More update news
  Upgrade Wintix in 2019 for continued credit card processing
June 2019 Copying run of show prices
  Allowing Webtix to move seats
  Protect your ID
  What’s new and improved
  What’s your Wintix 6 build date?
July 2019 Run daily reports DAILY
  Collect donations in Webtix instead of PayPal
  One of our clients fights back against “rewards program” card fees
  Review Wintix permissions for your clerks
August 2019 We make automatic backups of your data if we host your Wintix software
Call – don’t email – if you have a ticket selling emergency
How to change the date or time of a performance
Let us serve you up some custom work
September 2019 Announce online the day and time when tickets go on sale
See how one of our clients used live streaming to generate tickets and more fans
Point your Wintix icon to startwintix6.exe
How to find what you need at the Help Desk
What is your Wintix 6 build date?
October 2019 How to do a refund in Wintix 6
Use a separate URL for classes and special programs
Clean your printer once a week
Windows 10 update warning
November 2019 IMPORTANT: Changes in emailing receipts in Wintix
Can you get the missing email confirmations from during the outage?
How much would per ticket fees cost you?
How to return seats in Wintix 6
Expecting a crush of online sales? How many Willie Nelsons is that?
Time to make your website ADA accessible
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