How to convert a reservation into a sale in Wintix 6

(Last Updated On: January 17, 2020)
  • Click here to learn how to make a reservation.
  • To convert the reservation into a sale, open the sales record by going to Sales | Sales records (you can search for the sale by name, sales number, etc.).
  • On the General information tab, you can see that the sale is out of balance because nothing has been paid.

NOTE: For Wintix 5 instructions, click here: How to convert reservations into sales – Wintix 5

  • Go to the Payment tab.

  • You can see the Payment type is Reservation, the amount paid is $0 and the balance due is $55 (in this example).
  • Click Add payment. 
  • The Adding a payment record window appears.

  • Input the needed information and click Add payment.
    • IMPORTANT: Do not erase the word “Reservation”, then overwrite the pay type when adding the payment to a reservation.  ONLY edit the Pay Type if a mistake has been made originally inputting the type and needs to be corrected later.
    • NOTE: All the sales history is now under one sale number, which makes the sale easier to track.

  • The reservation is now a sale and the sale is balanced.







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