Oversell tickets to general admission (GA) event?

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2018)

What happens when someone accidentally oversells a performance with general admission (GA) tickets? Can you prevent it?

Let’s look at the example below.

  • The show allowed someone to purchase more tickets than were available during anĀ  online sale (see red box in screen shot below).
  • In fact, there were also in-house sales done through Wintix that oversold seats, too.
  • Why would this happen?

  • What happened was all the clerks had permissions to oversell the house if it reserved seats aren’t used.
  • To prevent your clerks from overselling a GA shows, go to Tools | Passwords | Edit the list of users.
  • Edit the users’ permissions by UNchecking the box labeled ‘Sales – Oversell the house if not reserved.’

  • Now, if a user who doesn’t have permissions to oversell selects more tickets that are available in a GA show tries to sell more than allowed, they will get a message similar to the one below.

  • You receive a warning that you are attempting to oversell.
  • If you click Yes when you are asked Are you sure you want to do this?, you are informed that you do not have permission and are asked for the password of someone who does have permission to override the oversell warning.



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