Wintix updates 10/26/15 to 1/5/16

(Last updated on: March 15, 2021)

Here is a list of important Wintix updates made between 10/26/15 and 1/5/16:


  • Removed the credit card expiration date from the Daily reports. was not returning a meaningful answer. This unexpected data was confusing people when it was put in reports.


  • Season ticket report now can be appended to the output file.
    • Season ticket reports can be sent to the screen, printer or a DBF. If they are sent to a DBF, the data can create a new file or be appended to a pre-existing file.


  • Daily sales report, Run of show report and Performance report will sent output to a spreadsheet with all the fields.
    • This is for Wintix version 6 beta – there are more fields than just the contents of the mainsale. Wintix 6 now not only sends the fields of the mainsale, it also includes all the items and payment types. This makes a much wider file. But it is also much more like Wintix 5 was.


  • There is now a more complete record of credit card transactions. In the past, the sales record and credit card record were written at the completion of a sale. Now, the sales record and credit card log is written when the Charge button is clicked. Whatever response that comes back from also gets written. This ensures there will be an entry in the credit card log – no matter if the sale is cancelled or not.


  • The PDF generating files were updated. However, some Windows computers were not allowing all of them to be replaced. Those files are now included in any update.
  • Fixed the seating chart issue that sometimes would display ASCII character 133 (à) at the ends of the rows.


  • Performance summary report will count capacities and seats sold in shows that have multi-charts. Previously, the report did not include capacities.


  • The section where Wintix generates a PDF now checks for all required DLLs.
    • The PDF generating section of Wintix is called from several places. What happens now is that the PDF generating section will not allow the user to progress further – if the required files do not exist. So, the PDF generator returns the clerk to the page that called for a PDF.
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