Printer not printing? Try this.

(Last updated on: January 7, 2016)

While there may be many reasons your printer isn’t doing it’s job, there is something very simple to check first.

  • Check to see if your printer settings within the printer driver are matching on both the General tab and Advanced tab. See below screen shots.

The General tab

  • Under the Page Setup, make sure the Stock name both read “Tickets 2.00 x 5.50.” This has to be done both under the General tab AND Advanced tab.
print 2

The Advanced tab

print 3

  • On the Stock tab in both places, make sure the Label Sensor, Post Print Action, Top Offset and Tear Offsets match. Once all settings match, make sure to print a test page from the driver, then print a test ticket from Wintix.



  • For our clients who use thermal printers, the label sensor should always be Label mark.
  • Post-Print Action: we generally recommend tear off but if you have a printer that has a cutter, this will need to be changed. See screen shot below for your choices.

post print action

  • For the Top Offset and Tear Offset, these settings are only recommendations. If these setting don’t work, they can be adjusted.
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