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How to add a seating chart to a performance

Go to Show|Edit a show|Edit date. Check Use a seating chart. Then click on Create a new chart. You get a message Chart does not exist.  Would you like to create a chart now? Click Yes The Select the plan … Continue reading

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Creating a season package for shows with different seating charts

Many times shows or performances that would be covered by a season package have their own specific seating plans. When creating a season package, it is important to take those different seating plans into account. Below are instructions for creating … Continue reading

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How to get out of a special ticket format print preview screen

If you have followed these steps, Show | Edit a show | Special ticket format | Settings |Windows printer setup | File | Print preview and want to close the print preview window, there are a couple of ways to … Continue reading

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Cancelling a sale

Sometimes you may be making a sale that needs to be cancelled. Sometimes you want to cancel it permanently, and other times, you might just have an interruption and want to come back to it and finish the sale later. … Continue reading

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Webtix sales: shipping address versus billing address

If someone orders through Webtix and wants to send a gift, it is necessary to provide a shipping address if it is different than the billing address. How does Webtix handle this? Webtix does not capture the shipping address from … Continue reading

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Out of balance? It could be father/daughter sales

A Wintix user ran an Out of Balance report by going to Report | by Show | Out of balance | Run of show. The report showed several sales that were not for the show being reported – the show … Continue reading

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How to get a button or link code in Webtix 6

Log on to your Webtix 6 admin page (you will need your sysadm login and password). Go to Shows | Utilities | Website quick links for shows. Your web master can then embed it on your website.

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How to balance if a patron exchanges a more expensive ticket for a less expensive ticket

First off, have you seen this post on our help desk?  It explains how to exchange seats. If you don’t give refunds and want to somehow account for the money that was over paid, enter it as a donation. If … Continue reading

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How to add a service charge to all performances within a season ticket

Don’t use Payment Types to add a per ticket service charge when making a season package (father) sale. Each “daughter” sale of the father sale is for zero dollars, because all monies for that transaction were calculated on the father … Continue reading

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How to configure Windows Explorer to easily view files

Open Windows explorer Click on the Organize button You’ll see a menu Click on Layout Check: Menu Bar Details Pane Navigation Pane Do not check Preview pane That should make your Windows explorer look like this when you open it:

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