Print job not clearing from the printing queue

A Wintix user reported that jobs sent to the printer would not clear in the print queue after printing. They were using a Practical Automation printer.

  • They had two clients, both running Windows 7
  • Local network with router and a network print server device (in this case a TP-Link device) connected to the printer.
  • Etx-2002 windows 7 driver f installed on both workstations, using the IP address of the print server as the port.
  • The issue was that printed tickets would not clear from the Windows 7 print queue after printing, which caused major issues with subsequent print jobs.  The client had to manually clear each ticket from the queue before printing another ticket.
  • The issue was resolved by editing the printer (Control Panel>>Printers>>Printer Properties)
  • On the Ports tab, select the port used by the etx/ltx device, then click Configure Port.
  • Settings should match the screenshot below, with one note:
    • Note that the queue name is set up to match the print server device.  This may be different depending on your device, but all other settings should match the image.


  • Move over to the advanced tab.  Settings should match options shown below (attachment advancedtab.png)


  • Now click Printing Defaults at the bottom of this tab, then click the Advanced button at the bottom of the popup window.  Disabled Advanced Printing Features as seen below:

After this, all printing from the tickets program functioned normally.  Please note that this solution works when the client does not use a Generic/Text Only driver nor the FGL passthru driver.

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