Backing up data in Wintix and Webtix

(Last updated on: September 29, 2015)

One of our Wintix users is considering subscribing to Webtix, our online ticketing software.  They came up with a very good question that we would like to share with our Wintix and Webtix users:

If we back up every day, that still leaves an issue with loss of data from the time of the back up.  My geek/techies are interested in knowing if you have a real-time, mirror backup of your server so that no matter what happens to the main server there is still a complete, up-to-date, no possible loss of data, back up.  They call it real-time, mirror backup where another server is duplicating the main server so with a main server complete loss there will still be no data loss.”

Here’s our response:

This type of ‘backup’ is called a replication server. There are two servers used. One server is read/write and the other is read-only.  If you like, Center Stage Software can set up and maintain a replication server setup especially for your box office.  There would be an extra charge for this.

We have not set up this kind of database because there simply has been no need. Our servers are backed up every day. And, most of the data for the transactions is duplicated at In fact, the servers have been the most reliable part of our operation.

Plenty of other things are less reliable. Computer problems happen within the box office. Routers give trouble. People trip over network cables. Ticket printers have always been cranky. The line voltage in the wall varies. Internet service is not as fast or reliable as advertised.

Our suggestion is that you concentrate first on getting your office procedures running smoothly. When you can balance your cash drawer in only 10 minutes after closing and go home with a clear conscience, then think about adding things. You may want to perform more than one backup a day. The Windows task scheduler can automate it for you. The only disadvantage is that it would slow down your internet connection while it runs.

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