Datamax “S” class – Switching to FGL printing – and back again

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2011)

Datamax makes many different types and models of printers. The “S” class is their top-of-the-line, high speed, heavy duty, direct thermal printer. It defaults to being in “auto” mode. That means, it is supposed to automatically switch between FGL (text mode) and DPL (Windows mode). 90% of the time, auto mode works as advertised. When it is not working, you need to tell the printer explicitly how to work.

  1. Press and release the F1 key to take it off line (indicated by the on-line going out)
  2. Press and hold the F2 key until the on-line light lights. Release it. printer will spit out a ticket saying “Stock ID”
  3. Press the release the F2 key until you get the desired mode (“parser mode”). It should be twice.
  4. Toggle between “Auto, DPL and DTPL” using the F1 and F3 keys. Select the DTPL mode (Auto mode seems to be unreliable) DPL mode is used for Windows printing to the printer.
  5. Once the selection is made, press and hold the F2 until the on-line light comes on and release it.
  6. Start printing.


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