Webtix5 v2011.04.07 released

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2011)

Feature Enhancements:
1) Enhanced Webtix5?s text customizability to be easier accomplished via the centralized language files.
2) Enhanced Webtix5?s customer saving to include when the date a customer first signed up.

Bug Fix:
1) Fixed a bug affecting the “Other Total” that appeared on individual email receipts.  The bug had been introduced in release 2011.02.16 of Webtix5.

Files Updated Since Webtix5 v2011.03.31 release:

  • process.php
  • selectseats_ichart.php
  • selectseats_bchart.php
  • preview_seats.php
  • shoppingcart.php
  • _includes/info_tix.php
  • _includes/libf_displayPromotionForm.php
  • _includes/ticket_template.php
  • _includes/admin_testRequirements.php
  • _includes/test_version.php
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