Can you use Cashnet with Webtix?

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2011)

Here’s what we know about Cashnet:

  1. Center Stage Software has one university that uses it with Webtix. They found it more difficult than they expected. However, the campus administration insisted on using it. So we created the interface for them.
  2. Cashnet was never designed to work with programs like Wintix. As a result, the result passed back was formatted as an HTML page. Parsing the web page was possible. However, any changes by Cashnet would have broken the communication. Because the box office was in a hurry, the administration agreed to go with
  3. Now that everything is working, no one wants to change anything.

This all happened one and a half years ago. Cashnet may have changed. We haven’t heard anything though.

Our other customers have happily used – with a minimum of problems. The business of box office routinely involves things like ticket upgrades, season tickets and group sales with installment plans. Cashnet was never set up to handle these things.

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