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Benefits of Upgrading to Wintix v5

Wintix version 5 Upgrade for Wintix version 3 and 4 Users Wintix version 5 is the first rework of the Wintix/Webtix/Tixsales/Mintix set of programs in seven (7) years. Wintix and Tixsales have been overhauled. Webtix has been re-built from scratch. More importantly, the emphasis has been changed. Up to version 4, our emphasis of the programs was to provide software that would allow theatres to run their operations efficiently and save money…. Continue reading

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Wintix 6 – Setting up promotional prices

Wintix 6 has a different way to set up the promotional prices. In this version, promotional prices have all the features of regular prices. Here’s how to set them up. First, select the show.               Enter the price. Enter the rest of the information as appropriate.                 Next, assign it to a domain.              … Continue reading

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Sell pre-assigned season packages in Wintix 6

…for one of the performances, it is not available on the season ticket chart. If the performance does not use the same seating plan, that performance is not included. Any seat conflicts are dealt with the same way they are in version 5. This how it looks online in Webtix 6: In the example above, the seats that aren’t available for ALL the performances in the season package being sold are marked with a “#”. Choose the seats and… Continue reading

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Edit a show in Wintix 6 – Categories and prices tab

…mances. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Name your price category, the price, what to print on the ticket and assign it a value, if applicable. In this case, price category “S” stands for season tickets. Wintix 6 also allows you to have truly unlimited price categories, so you can have as many price categories A, B, C, etc. as you like. Just make sure there is a description to go along with each letter if you have more than one… Continue reading

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Receipts and tickets in Webtix 6

Emailing a custom email form – specific for a show. File names and variable names are case sensitive. Here are some terms you need to know: email_confirm.html Used for the consolidated cart – common data for all receipts. email_confirmoneshow.html Show specific receipt. If you want a custom receipt, this text is what you put in master.emailform. email_confirmmultishow.html Used when there is more than one show in the shopping cart. This is what… Continue reading

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