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Archive a show

…that this is a permanent action. Press OK to complete. The Archive a show window will close once it’s done…. Continue reading

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archive a show

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archive a show

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Information on archived shows

…If you archive a show, it can’t be placed back where it was pulled from if needed? You will not be able to pull that show back and “un-archive it.” However, you can pull reports from archived shows. Go to Reports | By show | Run of show | click the from Oldsales radio button. You will also see the from Oldsales option in many other reports as well. *See screen shot below.  … Continue reading

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…Add a new show in Wintix 5; in Wintix 6 Add a new season package – In Wintix 5 ( flex pass or pre-assigned package); In Wintix 6 Show schedule Put in categories and prices Archive a show Change a date or time Change an abbreviation Update charts from a plan… Continue reading

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See a show in Webtix that isn’t yours?

…ix. We always include a test show in the Webtix online ticketing rental so you can “play” with the Webtix rental without your patrons viewing your Webtix rental site, provided you haven’t activated your “purchase tickets online” button on your website. Within Wintix, you can delete the test show by clicking on Show | Utilities | Archive a show (see screen shot below).  … Continue reading

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